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Transition from Early Childhood Centres to St James' Whakaruruhau, our Sheltering Place, begins with our Te Pihinga Transition to School Programme.

“Te Pihinga” Transition to School Programme

Give your child a ‘Te Pihinga’ transition to St James’ Catholic School.  This programme has been designed so that you and your child will be introduced to school routines and procedures and to be involved in numeracy and literacy activities.

Where? St James’ Catholic School Learning Space 10.

When? Wednesday mornings 8.50 am - 10.50am

Teacher? Claire Dillon and Sue Lewis will run this programme. Other staff will be involved with parent information sessions.

Adult involvement? All children must be accompanied by an adult (preferably a parent).

Other pre-schoolers? We would prefer other pre-schoolers did not attend as it can be distracting for everyone.

Attendance? We feel that maximum benefits will be gained by regular attendance over three weeks although attendance is not compulsory.  

Is there a cost? No.

We look forward to meeting you and your child. We will all be happy to help you.

Tom Sheehan (Principal), Naomi Scott (Te Mahuri Team Leader), Claire Dillon and Sue Lewis (New Entrant Teachers).

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