March 2023 Edition
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Final Year 5 & 6 Camp Alert

17 March 2023
Kia ora Year 5 and 6 whānau

Thank you so much to all for bringing in your learner’s gear today for checking - I will send you an email home today if your child was missing something, or if I have sent something home that they don’t need.

On Monday morning, please have your child at school by 8:10am, with a drop off just as you would any other school morning. Myself and the parents coming with me to camp will be ready to help them out from there.

Please ensure your child has with them their school bag, with a full lunchbox, full water bottle, a sun hat and a sweatshirt in it. They may also have a reading book or some drawing in the bag.

Please also have with your child any medication that you need to give to me, labeled, and with written instructions, ready to hand in.

Baking will also come in on Monday morning with your child - a container of nut-free home baking please.

Your child will come to school in some of the non-uniform camp clothing from the gear list please, not their school or PE uniform.

Just a reminder, our bus will leave St James’ at 8:30am on Monday morning, and we are aiming to be back at St James’ on Wednesday 22nd March at about 3:15pm.

COVID-19 Response Plan for School Camp

In the event of a learner showing symptoms of COVID-19 at camp these are the measures that will be taken:
  • Parents will be contacted to ask permission to undertake a Rapid Antigen Test. If permission is not granted you will be asked to collect your child from camp.
  • If the test is negative, every measure will be undertaken to ensure the learner is comfortable, there is no need to isolate unless they seem infectious, no need to send the learner home unless they have a fever or are otherwise too unwell to remain at camp.
  • If the test is positive, the child will be required to self isolate from other learners and parents will be contacted and it is an expectation you will collect your child from camp immediately or as soon as practically possible for self isolation and you will be responsible for reporting this positive case to the Ministry of Health.
  • We will take every measure to ensure the learner is comfortable and masked.
Camp Volunteers will be responsible for their own testing and own arrangements to travel home should self isolation be required following a positive test.

We have managed risk and will remain well within ratios. The wellbeing and health and safety of all camp attendees is paramount. Masks and RATs will be accessible.

Thank you in advance for your continued support
Andrea Cawood