March 2023 Edition
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Year 5 and 6 Camp Notice

9 March 2023
Kia ora Year 5 and 6 whānau

Camp is almost here! I hope that you are as excited about it as I am!

To ensure the best camp experience for your child we ask that on Friday the 17th March, your child brings all of their gear, packed ready for camp (minus the schoolbag that they will bring with them on Monday morning with their drink bottle, sweatshirt, hat and lunch in) into school for checking.

I will go through their gear with them, using the gear list supplied, ensuring they have all that they need, and nothing they don’t need! If anything is missing I can contact you, and you have some time over the weekend to source this.

After I have checked their bags and gear, these will remain at school over the weekend, so it is one less thing for them to bring in on Monday morning!

On Monday morning, your child will need to bring with them their nut-free home baking, (in a named container if you want the container to be returned to you after camp!) and this will be collected by the adults attending camp, and taken in the buses in large containers.

Any questions at all about this, or anything else camp related, please feel free to email me on

Some parents have asked about how to help their child (and themselves) with the Monday morning anxiety around the three day separation. My advice, based on many previous camps, is to make Monday morning’s drop off as quick, fuss-free and ‘normal’ as possible.

Thank you again in advance for your support,
Andrea Cawood