Enrolment Information

Enrolment Information

We look forward to you becoming part of our faith and learning community.


How Do We Enrol?
Enrolments are accepted from Years 1 to Year 6. (5 – 11 years).

Learners who have an established religious connection with the Catholic faith which includes a Catholic parent or grandparent or takes the form of baptism or previous enrolment of a family member at St James’ or another Catholic school, will be given a preferential place on the list of applicants for enrolment.

Non-preference or non-Catholic enrolments are restricted to five per cent of the total roll and dependent upon vacancies at the time of enrolment. All learners being considered for enrolment at St James’ Catholic School will see a member of our Parish Catechetical Team at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit who solely determines the eligibility for preference/non-preference of enrolment, using the criteria set by the Catholic Bishops of Aotearoa New Zealand.

Parish Boundary Map
If you are considering enrolling your child/ren at our school and are choosing a location to live in,  you may like to consider the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit Boundary St Patricks Parish Boundary Map.

Enrolment Procedures

1. Request an Enrolment Pack ( office@stjamescatholic.school.nz)

2. Arrange an appointment to see a member of our Parish Catechetical Team at the Cathedral of the Holy Spirit (197 Broadway Avenue, Palmerston North, phone 357 2891) who will discuss Preference and Non Preference enrolment with you. You will speak to either Steph Grantham or Kate Bell. If you are Catholic, please take a copy of your child’s Baptism Certificate to this meeting or your own. Gaining preference does not mean you are enrolled at our School. It is the first step in the process.

3. No placement can be held or enrolment confirmed until the school receives the Preference Form.

4. Return to the School Office with:

  • Preference Form and Enrolment Form for new entrant child.
  • Their Birth Certificate or Passport.
  • A copy of Immunisation Certificates.

5. An appointment will be made to see our Principal discuss the school’s vision and values, and this is an opportunity for Tom to get to know your family and understand how we can support your child, and you with the learning and faith journey at St James’.

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What happens once our Enrolment has been Confirmed?

Te Pihinga – Transition to School Visits

Once your Enrolment has been confirmed we will be in contact with you to arrange Te Pihinga Transition to school visits. These visits have been designed so that you and your child will be introduced to school routines, procedures and learning programmes. Once you have registered for “Te Pihinga” please join us on your first day at 8.50 am in Learning Space 10. For safety purposes, please sign in when you arrive at LS 10. You do not need to sign in at the School Office.

Attendance? We feel that maximum benefits will be gained by regular attendance over three weeks although attendance is not compulsory.

Where? St James’ Catholic School, Learning Space 10.

When? Wednesday mornings 8.50 am – 10.50 am

Teacher? Sue Lewis and Claire Dillon. Other staff may be involved with parent information sessions.

Adult involvement? All children must be accompanied by an adult (preferably a parent).

Other pre-schoolers? We would prefer other pre-schoolers did not attend as it can be distracting for everyone.

Is there a cost? No.

Please Note:  Every baptised child has a right to Catholic education. No child should be financially disadvantaged from the opportunity of Catholic education. If you require financial assistance with the paying of school fees or Attendance Dues, please make an appointment to see either our Principal or Fr Joe Grayland at the Parish.

“I will show you my faith by my actions”

James 2:18