Parent Handbook


We have children with severe and life-threatening allergies to nuts attending St James’ Catholic School. In addition, these learners do not understand the seriousness of their condition.

In fact, they are not aware of their allergy. If these children come into contact with nuts or nut products, even touch some nut residue left on surfaces, they can have a life-threatening allergic reaction. The school needs to take every practical precaution to avoid a severe reaction and keep these children safe.

We ask that children do not bring peanuts, peanut butter, muesli bars with peanuts in them, cashew nuts and Nutella sandwiches, and other foods containing nuts to school. We request that if your child has consumed these food items before coming to school, that they wash their hands thoroughly before they leave home.

We realise that many food products state on their packaging “may contain traces of peanuts or nuts”. Provided that nuts are not the actual ingredient, then there is no problem with your child bringing these food items to school.

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