Parent, Teacher and Friends Association

“Serving our SAINTS with faith and enthusiasm”

The St James PTFA (Parent Teacher & Friends Association) is an enthusiastic group of parents and staff who involve themselves in pastoral care, fundraising and arranging activities that benefit the school and the children. 

The compassion and willingness to support others in times of need inspire our Pastoral care team who are involved in the meal preparation and second-hand uniforms for families during difficult times. This is managed alongside the school office which advises us of those in need.

The PTFA sets out to create a number of interesting fundraisers and goodwill events throughout the year. Some of these run alongside special character events, social activities, community endorsed projects and our annual gala. Keep an eye out for notes in the newsletter and through the school alerts. 

The PTFA greatly appreciates all the small (small and large) families can provide to assist. 

Attendance at any or all of our meetings is welcome, These are typically held twice a term and advertised on the school website.

2022 PFTA Members
  • Kelly Hoskins (Chairperson) (Lunch Co-ordinator)
  • Tash O’Brien (Treasurer)
  • Lisa Quinn (Secretary)
  • Liz Eaton (Lunch Coordinator)
  • Pauline Balm (Hospitality)
  • Caroline Lister
  • Emma Whitson
  • Kate Sutherland
  • Christine Cosgrove  (Acting Principal)
  • Tracey Gunn (Staff Representative)

** TBC – Pastoral Care & New Families liaison

“I will show you my faith by my actions”

James 2:18