Our Vision

To grow Catholic, Christian, young people, who are CONFIDENT, CONNECTED, LIFELONG LEARNERS inspired by the teachings of Jesus, and who make a positive difference in their community.

How we make our Vision real

The St James’ motto is “Live the Truth.” At St James’ Catholic School, Jesus and His teachings are at the heart of everything we do. We are encouraged and inspired to grow in faith and to learn more about being Catholic. We are a welcoming community who respond practically, with compassion, understanding and sensitivity to the needs of others. We participate positively, in service, to contribute to the common good of all.

Everyone has a place here. In our safe and inclusive environment we embrace and value diversity. We recognise and respect the uniqueness of every individual within the school community as made in the image and likeness of God. We acknowledge and accept that there is more than one way to achieve the same goal. We value and encourage the development and sharing of everyone’s unique ideas, talents, skills, passions and culture. We understand the importance of supporting everyone to be the best person God created them to be.

We are a family/whānau school. Best learning happens when strong, respectful partnerships are formed and nurtured within our community. Open communication and ongoing conversations allow family/whanau to contribute to and celebrate their children’s learning in a way that is positive and supportive. Our staff are culturally responsive, highly motivated, and understand that achievement and engagement are strongly influenced by positive relationships and effective teaching. They regularly review and adapt what they do so that they impact positively on learning.

Learning experiences are purposeful and take place through meaningful, learner-led and learner-centred, real-life contexts. Through an engaging learning environment, high expectations, and positive relationships, our learners “learn how to learn” and are supported to be the best they can be. Their successes are nurtured and celebrated.

Through a love and passion for learning, we embrace the future.

“I will show you my faith by my actions”

James 2:18